Welcome to DCR Insurance Services!

We are here to meet and Exceed All of your Insurance needs. We know that there are many options for you and your Business to choose from, which is why it is important now more than ever to Be the Best. Service is paramount. In order for your business to function well you have to be organized, efficient, and effective at whatever tasks come your way. That also means partnering with companies that share these values. This is where we EXCEL.


This means getting the lowest price anywhere. We are terrible sales people, so if we aren’t getting you the absolute best rates in California, we are in trouble.


This means if we can’t beat it, We'll Tell you. Time is money. Wasting your time is not an option.


This is the one intangible that most people overlook. It’s also is often the thing that bites you, the consumer, in the Behind. Most people choose their agent based on time and money. If I had a penny for every time I heard of a client that purchased a policy that they didn’t need, or an incorrect policy… Well, I wouldn’t be rich. But I would sure have a lot of soon-to-be obsolete currency.

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